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Our Resources

We created One Story resources to equip and resource leaders and parents. We all need tools to adapt to our ever-changing world (like you know, how to disciple kids and youth in the midst of a global pandemic). We’re a church too, and the resources below have been created as we work with families and leaders to journey together in our collective mission to develop lifelong followers of Jesus.

Leader Resources

We recognize that curriculum in the hands of just anybody is simply words on a page. It’s through leaders that the teachings become real for kids and youth. That’s why we care so much about training and equipping leaders well. We know that it is through leaders who model and engage kids and youth with their own life experience that kids and youth will be pointed towards Jesus. That’s why One Story Leaders Resources are an integral part of this experience.

COVID-19 Resources

As it turns out, life can look different during a pandemic, so we’ve curated some resources and adapted some others so you can continue to disciple kids and youth in your community in new and innovative ways.

Free Resources

Free resources? We have those too. Some of the stuff we make is so good, we have to give it away.


Watch and learn. We’ve made a number of videos about our curriculum available for free to help you raise the kids in your care. Even more are available when you sign up for a One Story subscription.