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Answers to frequently asked questions.

Check out the prices below. Please note that all prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

  • 1-10 kids $55/child
  • 11-25 kids $575
  • 26-50 kids $775
  • 51-100 kids $1195
  • 101-200 kids $1395
  • 200-500 kids $1895
  • 500+ kids $2095

With a subscription to One Story you can access all of our curriculum content for any age group you have subscribed to. That includes weekly written and video lessons, classroom supply lists, series descriptions and overviews, access to the One Story community, and more.

You can sign up for One Story with a subscription that fits your current reality and then you can update your numbers at your renewal date.

We'd be very sad to see you go, but if you need to cancel your subscription, you can contact us at 1-888-744-4429 or

When you sign up for a subscription, you automatically receive a free 30-day trial period on us. Should you decide to cancel in that 30 day period, you can call or email us anytime. However, we cannot offer refunds for annual subscriptions that have been purchased after the trial period. You will continue to have access to One Story for the remainder of the year but will not be charged on your next subscription renewal date.

Yes! The first 30 days are on us!

Yes. We have series overview documents as well as a scope and sequence which details the entire Story. You can find those on our website.

For sure! You can see our scope and sequence for each age group on the curriculum page.

The Meeting House produces all One Story content in-house with an Anabaptist/BIC approach.

Our curriculum is geared towards ministry leaders and churches to help them disciple their kids. We provide resources to help leaders and churches resource their parents, including the One Story blog.

Not at this time.

Check out our Scope and Sequence in the curriculum page - it'll tell you everything our curriculum covers.

We hope to be able to release some content for Senior High student later this year.

Sharing our content publicly via Social Media, YouTube or a website violates our licensing terms. We have acquired licenses for content that appears in our videos that cover us, but do not apply to redistributors. Videos can only be shared by way of sharing our official youtube channel.

We tend to encourage kids to wait until at least Grade 6, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to publicly profess their faith. But if kids are 100% ready, and both the Pastor and parent agree, then we will baptize them.

Yes, we do!

Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible
Tiny Truths Wonder and Wisdom
God’s Story 365 – Find it on Amazon
Books of the Bible for Kids – NIV – 6-10-year-olds
NIRV Study Bible for Kids – 7-12-year-olds
NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible – 8-12-year-olds
The Jesus-Centred Bible – 13+
Indescribable: 100 Devotions about God & Science – Louie Giglio & Nicola Anderson
Love Does for Kids – Bob Goff
The Jesus Creed for Students: Loving God, Loving Others – Scot McKnight & Syler Thomas

Yes, we do!

Sharing God’s Love: The Jesus Creed for Children – Scot McKnight & Laura McKnight Barringer
When God Made You – Matthew Paul Turner & David Catrow
When God Made Light – Matthew Paul Turner & David Catrow
Jesus Showed Us! – Brad Jersak and Shari-Anne Vis