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Our Story

Several years ago, the leadership from our church community, The Meeting House, recognized that our kids and youth teaching wasn’t nearly as Jesus-centred as our adult teaching. We desired something more for our kids and youth - that they would be pointed to Jesus and discipled in the way of Jesus.

And so, a small group of us were tasked with exploring and researching all the curriculum out there and we discovered that a Jesus-centred curriculum for kids and youth was a much needed kingdom resource. With the support of our church, we began to create kids and youth curriculum that flowed through God’s one grand narrative each year while focusing in on Jesus. From the outset, our desire was to create something for our kids and youth that embodied the teachings of Jesus and nudged them along in their discipleship journey in a fun and culturally relevant way. It wasn’t long before we had “friends” from other churches wanting to use our curriculum too. We quickly shared via Google Drive, but after only a few months that was no longer sufficient. We grew.

Our incredible video production team grew. Our writers team grew. Our kids and youth grew. We grew.

And as we did, we wanted to invite as many people into the story as we could. So friends, and their friends, and the friends of friends began to subscribe to use this content in their churches. We felt like we blinked and our content was being utilized in over 40 countries. We can’t believe how amazing it is that God took our loaves and fishes, and used them in this way. So now, we’re really glad to invite you to join in One Story.

Curriculum Contributors

We can only do what we do because of the incredible team God pulled together. Our team of full-time staff is lean but through the use of industry professionals, video producers, camera operators, editors, and technicians, we are able to produce creative content of the highest caliber. Our writers team includes psychologists, theologians, educators, pastors, and parents. And because we exist out of a church context, we have an immediate feedback loop to make us better each and every week.

  • Alex Briere
    Director/Video Editor

  • Chris van Dijk
    Content Contributor

  • Christian Nikodemus
    Animator/Audio Specialist

  • Christie Penner Worden
    Curriculum Pastor

  • Christine Gratton
    Marketing & Project Manager

  • Dan Fenty
    Videographer/Video Editor

  • Derek Douglas

  • Diane Klassen
    Early Years Writer

  • Jennifer Au
    Graphic Designer

  • Jen McWilliams
    Kids Writer

  • Justin Van Rensburg
    Video Production

  • Lauren Germain
    Coordinator and Administrator

  • Natalia D'Amico
    Coordinator and Administrator

  • Natalie Frisk
    Content Contributor

  • Nelmari Davidse
    Production Assistant

  • Rebecca Sjonger

  • Rentia Van Der Bijl
    Video Production Manager

  • Suzanne Wickett
    Midweek Writer

Jesus Collective

What is Jesus Collective? The short answer is Jesus Collective is a relational Jesus centred network that provides a place of belonging, learning and resourcing for churches and leaders. Jesus Collective is the distributor of One Story curriculum, and the curriculum is accessed through the Jesus Collective platform.

The longer answer is Jesus Collective is a relational Jesus-centred network of churches and leaders. Jesus Collective creates spaces of belonging and collaboration, to develop and support future ready leaders, and equip more churches to make more disciples in a post-Christian context. They want to give greater voice and visibility to this Jesus-centred, third-way movement God is raising up around the world. Isn’t that exciting?

One Story is excited to partner with Jesus Collective in this tangible way and provide this amazing kids and youth discipleship tool in an easy to use platform that allows for meaningful interaction and engagement with other One Story users.